Iraqi Architecture Prize returns for second year

Tamayouz is an Iraqi Design Excellence award, founded by Iraqi architects and academics outside Iraq, the award aims to promote excellence, support the academic efforts to develop and improve the skills of Iraqi graduates, highlight Iraq’s talents, introduce them to the international architectural community and raise the national awareness of the Iraqi architectural heritage.

The Tamayouz Excellence Award Ceremony; Iraq’s annual celebration and recognition of great architecture has returned for its second year. The award celebrates the achievements of architects, students, academics and architecture schools.Now one of the largest gatherings of Iraqi architects, the Tamayouz Excellence award ceremony is firmly established in the architectural calendar. The ceremony took place at The University of Kurdistan Hewler in Erbil. The ceremony provided a valuable opportunity to meet industry peers, clients, and decision makers.The attendees of the ceremony included His Excellency the Minister of Health, former Chief of Staff of the Iraqi President, and senior academics from Coventry and Iraqi Universities. Also present were directors and representatives of major architectural and construction firms and international organisations including the United Nations Global Compact and United Nations Development Program.The ceremony celebrated the achievements and contributions of three main categories;
Students’ Award
The awards of this category were given to the top 10 architecture students in Iraq, best architecture academics and for the best school of architecture in Iraq.

Women’s Award
The awards of this category were given to the overall women winner and 4 honorary winners for their contribution to the profession of architecture.

Lifetime Achievement Award
This award was given to an architect whose lifelong achievements and contributions had an impact of the profession of architecture and the built environment in Iraq.
Tim Davis, Head of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Building Department who represented Coventry University in the ceremony said: ‘It is an amazing honour to see the excellence in Architectural design of the prize winners, and the role they have played in improving the lives of people and the status of Iraqi Architects.  Coventry University is proud to be a sponsor of the Tamayouz Awards.’
Katherine McNeil: Director of Architecture for Humanity – London Chapter and Senior Lecturer in Architecture at Coventry University.
A group of the winners, judges and the sponsors of the Tamayouz Excellence Award.
Ahmed AL-Mallak, Founder of the Iraqi Architecture prize (Tamayouz Award) and Lecturer of Architecture
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