Fiber-Woven Research

as part of an ongoing series of experimental full-scale projects, the institute for computational design (ICD) and the institute of building structures and structural design (ITKE) at the university of stuttgart have realized a structure made of woven fibers for their 2013-2014 research pavilion.

video courtesy of ICD
What is the overall aim of the ICD/ITKE research pavilions?
in the history of architecture, pavilions have often served as case studies for new design concepts, fabrication processes, and material systems. similarly, the ICD/ITKE research pavilions are demonstrators for novel computational design and robotic fabrication strategies. the overall aim is to expand the architectural design repertoire and increase its performative capacity regarding functional integration and material efficiency. such an exploration of new architectural possibilites is possible through the very prototypical and experimental character of the ICD/ITKE research pavilion projects. as a first prototype each research pavilion allows further speculation about application scenarios and future requirements. this opens up new fields of research and potentially leads to fully developed building systems and related design and fabrication processes. 
such a development can be exemplary seen at the landesgartenschau exhibition hall, which is a direct follow up project of the ICD/ITKE research pavilion 2011. similar opportunities for architectural applications start to arise for design and fabrication processes of fiber composite structures that were and are currently developed at the ICD.
The pavilion opens on either side to create a bending shell form, photo © ICD/ITKE university of stuttgart.
The pavilion’s design is informed by the structure of beetles’ shells, photo © ICD/ITKE university of stuttgart.
The fiber patterning is arranged around an open aperture, photo © ICD/ITKE university of stuttgart.
The structure sits upon a thin pediment, photo © ICD/ITKE university of stuttgart.
Glass and carbon fibers are woven around light steel frames to create each unique panel, photo © ICD/ITKE university of stuttgart.
Beetle specimen scanned by dr. thomas van de kamp and tomy dos santos rolo at the karlsruhe institute of technology (KIT) for the ICD/ITKE research pavilion 2013-14, image © ICD/ITKE university of stuttgart.
Finite element analysis of global force flows and their transfer into structural carbon fiber reinforcements, image © ICD/ITKE university of stuttgart.
Fiber layout for one component, image © ICD/ITKE university of stuttgart.
Project Info:
completion: march 2014
area: 50 sqm
volume: 122 cbm
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